Fairmont Legal secures settlement for student fired by boss who claimed he had been radicalised & compared to killer

Fairmont Legal’s client’s claim has attracted considerable press attention and the case has been reported in all the major newspapers, including the Independent, BBC, Daily Mail,  The Standard, Perspective, Press & Journal and 5 Pillars Waqas Rai, a former student lab assistant has received a financial settlement from his former employer, Micropathology Ltd, following allegations […]

5 tips on navigating redundancy

Navigating a redundancy can be challenging; it can leave you feeling confused and anxious and you may feel as though there’s no one to turn to. If you are finding it difficult to navigate through this uncertain time and are unsure about what steps to take next, you’re in the right place.   Know Your […]

Legal Jargon 101: A Quick Guide

The world of law can sometimes feel difficult to navigate due to the unprecedented amount of legal jargon that one needs to decipher. At Fairmont, we prioritise transparency and want our clients to feel fully equipped with as much legal knowledge as possible. We believe familiarising yourself with legal jargon can help you navigate your […]

Your quick guide on navigating workplace disputes

Experiencing a workplace dispute can be challenging; the nature of the situation can leave you feeling lost and confused. If you feel as though you have no one to turn to, allow Fairmont to guide you through this uncertain time. We want our clients to feel fully equipped with the legal knowledge they need to […]

Wills: Debunking myths and Clarifying facts

Wills are important legal documents that allow you to dictate how your assets will be distributed after you pass away. At Fairmont, we want our clients to feel fully equipped with the knowledge they need to make informed legal decisions. We understand that there are several myths surrounding wills and we’re here to debunk some […]

Blazing Saddles – Fairmont Legal sponsorship 

Fairmont Legal takes immense pride in sponsoring Blazing Saddles; a remarkable charity known for its inspiring efforts. This organisation, founded a decade ago by a small group of dedicated Oldham-based firefighters and their friends, highlights the perfect fusion of passion and altruism. Blazing Saddles was born by combining their love for cycling with a deep […]

Amnesty Allegations

Aisha Jung, a former employee at Amnesty International, is suing the human rights organisation due to claims of discrimination. Shortly after the organisation decided to designate Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition leader a “Prisoner of Conscience” after his arrest in January 2021, Ms Jung was unfairly dismissed.  Amnesty failed to disclose dangerous agendas pushed by […]

What happens if I die without a valid Will?

We are often asked the question: What happens if I die without a valid Will? When a person dies without leaving a Will, they are described as having died ‘intestate’. This means that their estate will be distributed in accordance with the rules of intestacy. These are a statutory set of rules to divide your estate amongst your relatives […]

The Importance Of Shariah Compliant Wills

“AllahMessenger(PBUH)said“It is the duty of a Muslim, who has something which is to be given as a bequest, not to have it for two nights, without having his bequest written down regarding it.” (Bukhari/Muslim)” If you die without a valid Will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with English Law and the ‘rules of […]

Do I Need A Will?

According to estimates, as many as 60% of people don’t have a Will, meaning many loved ones stand to lose out. Making a Will means planning for the inevitable – something we really don’t want to think about. However, the importance of making a Will cannot be stressed enough. Whether you think you don’t have […]