Employment Tribunal

The Employment Tribunal is designed to hear claims from people who believe their employer or potential employer has treated them unlawfully. Employment tribunals deal with claims brought against employers by employees. These claims typically relate to unfair and wrongful dismissals, discrimination, equal pay, and deductions from wage deductions.

When taking a claim to the Employment Tribunal, it’s important to have an expert solicitor by your side. Navigating the difficulty of an employment tribunal, Fairmont Legal is your trusted representative. We play a pivotal role in this process on your behalf. Our team is experienced in employment law, we know what to do to keep stress to a minimum and support you every step of the way.

Employment law can be a labyrinth of complexity, Fairmont Legal will break it down ensuring you are informed of the ins and outs of your case. We will prepare your case, gather evidence, and develop a strategic plan. If there’s room for negotiation, we are your skilled diplomat at the negotiation table.

As mentioned previously, confidentiality is of paramount importance. We will protect sensitive information, ensuring that your private matters stay out of the public eye and provide a shield against potential future claims to protect your business.

We know the process can be stressful and you’ll be worried about the future of your business and finances. You can rely on Fairmont Legal to help you with any kind of dispute. We will present your case, cross-examine witnesses, and argue your cause with conviction.