Employment Law: Your Guide to Wages, Holidays, Sickness, and Working Hours and more.

In the realm of employment, the intricacies of rules and regulations are difficult to navigate, leading to confusion, disputes, and stress for both employees and employers. Fairmont Legal is here to provide you with a comprehensive guide to employment law that covers essential aspects like wages, holidays, sickness, and working hours.


Wages are the foundation of a fair employment relationship. For employers aiming to establish transparent wage structures, Fairmont Legal can assist. We help you create appropriate wage structures while providing legal counsel to defend your business against wage-related disputes. This ensures financial stability while adhering to employment laws reducing any risk.


Balancing work and life often hinges on the ability to take holidays. Employers can benefit from our expertise to guide your business in this arena. We guide employers in creating holiday policies that align with employment regulations, promoting employee satisfaction and compliance with the law.


All employees at some point will need to take sick leave. Both physical and mental health problems can count as sickness and employers must treat mental and physical health seriously. Sickness-related issues can be delicate for employers. We provide guidance to accommodate sick employees within employment laws, maintaining a productive workplace. 

Working Hours

Our solicitors guide employers in  creating working-hour policies that respect employees’ rights and maintain a harmonious workplace. We will inform you of the laws surrounding maximum working hours, rest periods during the working day and special arrangements in case of emergency.