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We understand that making the difficult decision to implement redundancies within your organisation requires careful consideration and adherence to legal regulations. If the correct process is followed, an employer can dismiss an employee because of redundancy or restructuring.

As an employer, you have a responsibility to follow the correct redundancy process, if you fail to, you will be at risk of paying out compensation for unfair dismissal or discrimination. This could also lead to going through the Employment Tribunal resulting in negative publicity.

We'll work with you to establish fair and transparent criteria for selecting employees for redundancy, helping to minimise the risk of discrimination claims and disputes. There are only a few reasons for an employee dismissal by redundancy, such as:

Firstly, we will explore alternatives to redundancy, such as redeployment or retraining programs, to help you retain valuable employees whenever possible. For employees who will be made redundant, we can assist in structuring and conducting employee consultations, including group and individual meetings. We’ll guide you in communicating the reasons for redundancy, exploring alternatives, and addressing employee concerns.

Our team will help you determine appropriate redundancy packages, including notice periods, redundancy pay, and any additional benefits. We also deal with difficult situations, redundancy appeals and allegations of unfair and/or discriminatory selection for redundancy.

Fairmont Legal is committed to partnering with employers to navigate the complexities of redundancy while ensuring compliance with employment law. you can trust that your redundancy process will be executed with precision and fairness, protecting your organisation’s future.