Settlement Agreement

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A settlement agreement records the terms of an employee’s exit which has been agreed between both parties in a dispute. It is a useful tool to conclude a dispute, set clear obligations for everyone involved and reduce the risk of future disagreements that can result in litigation arising between the parties.

We recognise that each employment dispute is unique. Our team ensures that the settlement agreement we create aligns with your needs and objectives. We provide guidance through the complexities of employment disputes with tailored terms and conditions in a settlement agreement.

Fairmont Legal have a crucial role in safeguarding your interests when it comes to a settlement agreement. We act as your legal representative, ensuring that you are well-informed and protected throughout the process. We decode the legal jargon for you and explain the agreement in simple terms, ensuring you fully understand what you are agreeing to.

We are experienced in acting as negotiators. If there is room for improvement in the terms, such as a better financial settlement or more favourable conditions, we work to secure them on your behalf.

Confidentiality is of paramount importance and is adhered to in the strictest terms. At Fairmont Legal we ensure that sensitive information remains confidential, protecting your privacy and reputation. Structuring the agreement to shield you from future legal claims related to the dispute will provide you with long-term protection and peace of mind.

To finalise and confirm the agreement is legally binding, we oversee the signing process and ensure all legal formalities are met.