Termination of Employment

Fairmont Legal is here to provide you with expert guidance to ensure that the termination of employment is conducted fairly, legally, and by all laws and regulations. We are experienced in handling all manner of dismissals and departures at all levels. We will advise you of the various options available from protected conversations and settlement agreements while supporting you with straightforward and practical advice to help you achieve your desired outcome.

To avoid a situation escalating, the best procedure is to take preventative measures to save time and money. Seeking legal counsel on employment matters at the earliest opportunity can significantly reduce the risk of escalation. We adopt a proactive and vigilant approach, offering expert advice aimed at finding the best solution tailored to your needs.

Navigating difficult employment termination cases demands a careful approach, especially in prolonged sickness or absence scenarios, where employers must tread carefully to sidestep Disability Discrimination Act claims. We will aid employers in avoiding unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal and discrimination allegations, as well as overseeing redundancy processes.

Our approach includes a consultation to understand the circumstances surrounding the termination. We will review employment contracts to confirm the termination complies with the terms and conditions set out in the agreement. Throughout the process, we maintain strict adherence to all relevant employment laws, including anti-discrimination regulations, redundancy procedures, and notice periods. We will guide you through negotiating a fair severance package to help both employers and employees achieve a satisfactory resolution.