TUPE Services at Fairmont Legal

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The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations, commonly known as TUPE, exist to protect your existing terms and conditions of employment and legal rights when employment transfers to a new employer. At Fairmont Legal, we know that navigating the intricate legal landscape of employee transfers can be a complex and challenging task. Whether you’re a business looking to merge with another company, acquire a new business, or face a change in service providers, ensuring compliance with TUPE is crucial. Our team of solicitors will provide comprehensive legal guidance to protect your interests and ensure a seamless transition for your employees.

Our TUPE Services

Consultation and Due Diligence

We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your specific circumstances; helping you understand how TUPE regulations apply to your situation. The information and consultation process is an important part of TUPE. Not complying with it could lead to awards of up to 13 weeks’ gross pay per employee. We will guide you through the process, identifying potential risks and opportunities.

Documentation and Compliance

Fairmont Legal ensures that all necessary documentation, including employee consultation letters, employment contracts, pensions and redundancy, is prepared accurately and in compliance with TUPE regulations.

Negotiations and Dispute Resolution

We assist in negotiating the TUPE wording in your purchase, sale or outsourcing agreements, addressing any concerns or disputes that may arise during the transfer process.

We won’t just fix an issue, we will help your business grow, so our team will be on hand whenever you need us long after your transfer happens. We will provide ongoing support to help you navigate the post-transfer phase, ensuring that the transition is as smooth as possible for both your business and your employees.