Child Dependant Visa

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UK Visa applications demand strict adherence to the standards established by UK Immigration. Any minor error in your UK Dependant Child Visa application can result in a refusal from the Home Office. Refusal of the visa not only wastes time but also your money, which can lead to the need for reapplication or even a costly appeal process. It’s essential to get it right the first time.

Requirements and guidelines regarding child-dependant visas pertain to applicants who aim to bring their dependent child or children with them to the UK. A dependant can be a child under 18 years of age, a husband, wife, civil partner, or an unmarried/same-sex partner. The entry clearance requirements are further classified into categories:

Each category comes with a further set of  requirements and proof. Additionally, issues can arise when children have parents who are separated, divorced, or share custody. In such cases, proving ‘sole responsibility’ for a child’s upbringing is crucial. Many applications falter due to inadequate proof of sole responsibility. It is important to ensure all criteria and legal representation are meticulously applied before submitting your application, increasing its chances of success.

Fairmont Legal will expertly navigate the complexities of this intricate process, ensuring the best chances of your success in reuniting with your family.