Graduate Visa

The UK Graduate Visa, also known as the Post-Study Work Visa, is designed to provide international students with the chance to stay in the UK after graduating. It’s a two-year or three-year work visa, depending on your qualifications and course of study. This visa permits graduates to work, seek employment, or even start their own businesses, opening doors to a world of professional and personal growth.

Requirements for the UK Graduate Visa

To be eligible for the UK Graduate Visa, you must have successfully completed a degree-level course from a recognized UK institution. You must have completed a minimum period of study in the UK (at least 12 months for courses of more than 12 months and full-time for courses of less than 12 months). You will also need permission under Student Route/Tier 4 permission at the time of the application. This visa is accessible to both bachelor’s and postgraduate degree holders, and there is no restriction on the type of employment or job sector you can engage in.

What You Get with the UK Graduate Visa

This offers you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, explore the job market, and potentially secure skilled employment in the UK. Whether you aim to build a career or explore the diverse cultural experiences the UK offers, this visa is your key to a dynamic future.

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