Joining Family in the UK

If you have family members in the United Kingdom and wish to join them, our team of experienced immigration solicitors is here to guide you through the family visa application process. There is a range of UK visas under the family visa route. To be approved you will need to apply for the visa that matches your situation the best. The Range of visa available include:

UK Partner and Spouse Visa

The UK Family Visa paves the way for partners and spouses to experience a period of up to 2.5 years in the United Kingdom. Beyond this initial period, the option for a further extension arises, granting a cumulative total of 5 years for individuals to remain in the UK. To be eligible for this you will need to meet the age requirements, be in a genuine relationship and have a commitment to live in the UK for a minimum of 2.5 years. Upon reaching the five-year mark, an opportunity for indefinite leave to remain becomes available, establishing a long-term presence in the UK.

Child Dependant Visa

The Child Dependant Visa is a UK immigration route designed to reunite children with their parents who are legal residents or citizens. To qualify, the child must be under 18 and financially dependent on their parent(s) in the UK. This visa ensures family unity, offering children access to education and healthcare.

Other Visas available for non-UK nationals:

At Fairmont Legal, we understand the significance of family bonds and the desire to be with your loved ones.  Our team can help you with applications for all types of Family Visas. We will work with you to assess your different options,