Sponsor Licences to Employ Overseas Workers

To employ workers from overseas, it’s essential to hold the appropriate sponsor license,  allowing you to issue the necessary Certificate of Sponsorship. There are two distinct types of sponsorship licenses, tailored to the specific needs of your organization:

Skilled and Specialized Workers: This category encompasses those with long-term job offers, including Skilled Workers, Senior or Specialist Worker visa holders, Ministers of Religion, and International Sportspersons.

Temporary Workers: This category caters to workers like Scale Up Workers, Graduate Trainees, Service Suppliers, UK Expansion Workers, and Secondment Workers.

Requirements and Application Process

Obtaining a sponsorship license demonstrates that your organization is a legitimate entity operating within the UK. You must also exhibit your capacity to fulfil visa sponsorship obligations, supported by well-structured HR and recruitment  practices. Having standard processes and systems in place is crucial to ensure compliance with immigration regulations and to maintain necessary records.

Securing your first license grants you access to a broader talent pool. Make a precise, error-free application today to highlight your competence in meeting immigration duties from the outset. It’s your key to unlocking the potential of international talent.

Failing to submit all the necessary evidence for your application can raise concerns with the Home Office, resulting in the refusal of your application. You may also lose your application fee. Fairmont Legal will help you to make an application for sponsor licences and provide ongoing support to ensure that you remain fully compliant with the stringent regulations.